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August 29, 2007
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CPDA - Education is a right by delatorre-politik CPDA - Education is a right by delatorre-politik
Education is a right.

La educación es un derecho.
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SolitaireMarauder Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
No matter how much you rant on your Protestant logic. Education NEEDS to be free. That a person born in the middle class or lower classes should work hard for something that others had simply because their fathers or granfathers worked hard is completely and absolutely ridiculous think of it objectively. Im not saying that working is bad, but depends on working for studyng adds an unnecesary amount of stress that could be very bad for either the psyche or the nerve system of the student. Why? His skills once finished would benefit society, and ultimately humanity, as a whole. Nobody is asking that the food, shelter, entertaining and reading material of the student should be paid by anybody but himself or his family, just that the state pays the bills of the teachers and the university to ensure free access and not charging the student with an EXTRA bill precisely when he is young and lacks acreditation for good jobs. Doing otherwise is horribly classist, as those with rich families can get the same without having making any effort.

Communism DOES NOT IMPLY the elimination of private property. THe fact that most historical communisms had fall into des-humanized collectivism is the blame of Stalin and Mao and hardly a result of the ideology. Marx just spoke about the elimination of the PRODUCTION MEANS PRIVATE PROPERTY, and even this was rendered unnecessary by the theorists-practitioners of communist theories of 1900-1920. Check out the NEP plans that Lenin intended to establish before he died from overwork, and Stalin took power and cancelled all those plans. In Lenin design, all consumerīs goods manufacture and MOST economical activities would meant to be re-transferred to the private sector. The only sectors that should be kept under the State power are those with a STRONG tendency to monopoly, a phenomenon that in fact cancels all the advantages that capitalism brings to society: competence and freedom of market choice for starters. This includes Energy, Long-range Transportation, Credit Control, Natural resources exploitation and the like. Also, State should GUARANTEE equal health care and education access for everyone, but that does not mean that private sector cannot eventually operate on these: in fact, state should work on these to set standards and prevent the business to overthrow the SOCIAL FUNCTION that is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. THe same is true for all economical activity: State should only regulate the workers market, ensuring good salaries with equal participation in profits, but should not put any other bureacratic or tax impediment on economical activities. DO you all communist haters know that communist states virtually did not put any taxes over home property and the like? now THATS economical freedom, and must be ensured. I would go as far as to eliminate taxes completely: state should support itself with the wealth from those sectors that it controls.

Also, all this joke about the 100 million deaths, dont you think that the number is a bit inflated? how the hell you arrive to it? are you sure that its not a BLATANT LIE to just put communism above NAZI-FASCISM and CHRISTIANISM that are REALLY the two ideologies that killed more people in history?

By the way, POl-Pot was no communist. THere was not a single trace of marxist-leninist theory in his plan. He was just an agrarian romantic utopysts, but with no real socialist or communist element; the "confusion" comes because he was somewhat a heir of Maoism that was ALSO an agrarian romantic utopia, but Maoism has marxist-leninist elements that Khmer Rough lacked completely. Also, PLEASE DONT FORGET that Khmer Roughe was SUPPORTED by USA (not openly, clearly, and they then declared that they "didnt knew" what kind of monster he was) in order to put a conter-weight to Vietnam, and that was Vietnam and ONLY Vietnam who destroyed its power in Cambodia. The International intervention after 1991 was done when all the hard work was already done.
Emperor-sama Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
To tell the truth I support North Korea, China, and Cuba.
vertigeaux Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011
So fucking true. American factory-style school ruined my childhood.
marxistavi94 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2010
All the shit said about stalin were blantant lies frm biased sources like randolph hearst and conquest. The numebrs simply dont add up, the soviet union was prosperous under stalin and rapidly advanced into the modern world. People were allowed to openly debate their views against stalin and stalin himself didn't want to come to power , but only did because he was voted 3 times 74,000 to 4,000. Also China is NOT a socialist country , it's state capitalist, there has never been a communist country, since no country has been stateless and classless. Why not read another view of stalin by ludo martens or fraud ,famine,and facism by douglas trottle. Do u ever actually evaluate the sources about stalin that claim he was brutal leader?
GoodwillAmbassador Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
AkaiShizuku Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Very well-done, comrade.

You're from Spain? I'm Spanish too, man! Well, only a quarter, but whatever. Nice work with the debates too, I've been on this forum arguing about it for literally days, tired as hell.
delatorre-politik Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
Yes I am.
Vietfox Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
The funnny fact is that American teachers aren't allowed to talk or teach about communism until the late 90s. Communism is only an idea and not threatening. It's not like the world is going to burn under communism. In fact, communism is a good thing when applied properly. For example, China has set up regional communsit governments so that the central government doesn't have to carry the burden. And it's possible to have a free economy under communism. I think it's great because the government can control big things like investments so that when a recession happens, no one will get laid off.
vilerage Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2009
I hate how Communists are always labeled wrong! Capitalists have their beliefs, you have yours. LEAVE THEM ALONE WALL STREET!
MissusHow Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2008  Student Artist
Goodness gracious. Communism = education?

I don't think so. I don't think Democracy = education either, but oh dear this is quite a silly statement.
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